Asmara Kaffer, 33, Keetmanshoop – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Public Management

Asmara is a Youth Officer at the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service and is heading the Environmental Education department in the Youth Development directorate at the Keetmanshoop Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre. She has been in this position for the past seven years and has also been involved with line ministries that have similar programs and activities. She engages herself in raising awareness on different environmental subjects in her community and she is involved in other issues such as gender mainstreaming and socio-economic development. She co-founded the Keetmanshoop Youth Initiative, which is a non-profit organization mainly consisting of and run by young people that focus on socio-economic issues. Upon her return, Asmara wishes to run a solar energy project both with her environmental group and the Keetmanshoop Youth Initiative and hopes to see that solar energy will be the main source of electricity for the residents of her town and maybe even in the entire region. The solar energy project not only address the environmental aspect but also the socio-economic aspect in the long run.