Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists visiting Namibia for up to 90 days do not require a visa. Business, official and diplomatic travel to Namibia requires a visa. To apply for a visa, see the website of the Namibian Embassy in the United States.

Most franchise restaurants provide detailed information on franchise requirements on their websites. If you need assistance connecting with an American restaurant, we can help.

The Embassy at Windhoek is a partner post with the Foreign Commercial Service in Johannesburg.  This means we have an agreement with the FCS to provide FCS services via Windhoek on a cost reimbursement basis, and you should expect the same level of service.  If your needs are not being met and you would like to speak with an FCS professional, you can consult the website of the FCS in South Africa.

The primary mission of the Economic and Commercial Section in U.S. embassies abroad, is to assist American businesses and encourage investment in the United States. In some cases, we can provide some assistance; however, your best bet is to contact the Economic Officer at the Namibian embassy in the United States, or your country of interest.

The U.S. Embassy does its utmost to assist American citizens whenever possible. However, we are generally not able to resolve business disputes. In most cases, legal assistance is required. We recommend you consult with an attorney in the U.S. state of jurisdiction, or in Namibia, as appropriate. We have a list of lawyers who can help in Namibia on our embassy’s website.

The embassy can advocate on behalf of American companies competing for tenders in Namibia where appropriate. However, before we can assist, you must complete an Advocacy Questionnaire, which includes signing an anti-bribery agreement. Please be sure to read all requirements and instructions carefully. Submit the completed Advocacy Questionnaire to the Advocacy Center by fax at (202) 482-3508 or (202) 501-2895.