American Center

The American Center provides current, comprehensive information about the United States, its policies, social and political processes and related subjects.

The resources of the American Center are intended to meet the needs of Namibian government officials, journalists, researchers, scholars and others with a professional level of interest in the United States.

The American Center provides reference services to walk in patrons, by fax, telephone and e-mail.


Admission to the American Center is for Namibian citizens and residents from the age of 16. The American Center renders a free service and membership requirements are as follows:

  • I.D. or passport
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • For non-Namibians: proof of Permanent Residency/ Student or Workers Permit is required, valid for 8 – 12 months.
  • For refugees: proof of permission to stay in Windhoek is requirement.

IRC Hours

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 8h00 – 17h00
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Friday: 8h00 – 12h00


The American Center has a collection of about 3269 non-fiction, 412 fiction, 200 English teaching and 436 reference books. Except for the reference collection, all the book material circulate.

DVD Collection

The American Center has a DVD collection on American business, arts, culture, history, geography, science and technology. All DVD’s are reference material and may only be viewed at the American Center.

Free internet and WiFi access is available for American Center members. All American Center members must sign-up with their membership cards at the circulation desk in the American Center . The American Center provides Basic Internet and Social Media training to interested groups or organizations on Wednesdays. For more information on this program, please contact the American Center staff at

Rules for Internet Use:

  1. Only persons with a valid American Center membership card may sign-up for Internet research.
  3. Internet usage is limited to 1-HOUR PER PERSON PER DAY.
  4. Patrons must use the Internet within 10  MINUTES of the time that they signed up or FORFEIT the hour.
  5. The Internet is to be utilized for research only. DO NOT use it for chat groups, pornography, word Processing, games, etc. Persons using any of the above mentioned programs will immediately be BANNED from the American Center.
  6. The use of external devices is strongly prohibited.
  7. Research information found on the internet may be printed by using your own printing paper. Printing is limited to a maximum of twenty (20) double-sided A4 pages per session.
  8. These workstations are the property of American Cultural Center, you have no reasonable expectation to privacy while utilizing the facility. All data contained herein may be monitored, intercepted, read, recorded, copied or captured in any manner by authorized personnel.
  9. The American Center reserves the right to revise the usage policies and procedures for this service as and when the need arise.

Basic Internet Training by American Center Windhoek

The American Center provides basic internet training on Wednesday’s to youth organizations, groups from institutions and individuals. The training is divided into 3 sessions, 2 hours per session on Wednesday’s. Training program covers Internet History, Terminology, Navigating Web pages, Search Engines and Search Directories, Practice Time, Career Information, as well as guiding the participants to open Email, Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as cyber security tips for beginners.

The American Center started the training program in 2006 and since its inception 310 youth from the Katutura Multi-Purpose Resource Centre completed the course. The program is also very popular with other organizations and NGOs – such as King’s Daughters, Physically Active Youth, KAYEC, Young Achievers, Men on the Side of the Road, G4S Security Guards and UNAM students – as it builds online skills of especially youth and members of previous disadvantaged communities. We received very positive remarks from the institutions and organizations.

After completing the training course, students are able to conduct advance Internet searches and making use of email and Facebook pages without any assistance. They are equipped to use the American Center Internet facilities and access the Public Diplomacy social media sites, communicate and take part in discussions.

Contact Information:

American Center
American Cultural Center, Sanlam Centre,
3rd Floor, Independence Avenue
U.S. Embassy Windhoek, Namibia 

Tel: +264 61 444 910