Helena Mboti – Business and Entrepreneurship, Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Helena Mboti holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting and Economics from Rhodes University, a VAT diploma from UNISA, and is a CFA level two candidate.

She has over five years of high level banking experience and has accumulated a diverse skill set including accounting and tax compliance, economic research, as well as financial analysis.  She began her career as a group tax compliance officer for one of the largest banking groups in Namibia, First Rand Namibia.  She is currently employed by the Bank of Namibia in the Research and Financial Stability department where she writes and contributes to periodic economic reports, internal and external presentations, and research papers, and conducts economic research specifically in the financial stability space.

Helena is passionate about the future of the Namibian child as well as access to quality education.  She believes that the average Namibian is not adequately supported through their studies and that the current system is not dynamic enough to accommodate all kinds of learners.

Upon her return, Helena plans to launch #TeamGraduate, a platform designed to motivate and support learners through their studies and beyond.