Nguundja Uamburu – Civic Leadership, Appalachian University in Boone, North Carolina

Dr. Nguundja M.D Uamburu, obtained her dental degree in Nairobi, Kenya,  She is currently the Chief Dentist at Katutura State Hospital, the largest referral hospital in Namibia for oral health services, and heads a department of over 25 professionals.

She implemented ways to improve patient care and efficiency in a short period of time through planning, organizing, creating teams, and holistically addressing issues.  She introduced private dental professionals into hospitals’ ward-rounds to create knowledge sharing amongst private and public health professionals.  She organizes outreach programs for those in schools, orphanages, prisons, and remote regions.  She teams with international and national organizations to bring internationally recognized professionals, most recently two maxillofacial surgeons and community dentistry consultants, to share knowledge and experience while providing needed services.

In addition, she developed and implemented a dental intern training program at the hospital and plays a key role in the recently launched dental internship training program for the Ministry of Health and Social Services.  She was nominated to and serves on the Dental Council for Namibia, The Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA).  In addition, she was appointed and serves on the dental advisory board for the University of Namibia.  Without tiring she teamed with an NGO TLC Outreach Namibia to expand oral health awareness and education in schools.

Her ongoing passion involves finding ways to improve the lives of the underprivileged, targeting marginalized communities in Namibia.

Upon her return from the United States, she plans to use the skills and knowledge she acquires from the Fellowship to expand all these initiatives on a larger scale, reaching more communities and impacting more lives.