Seno Namwandi, 29, Windhoek – Florida International University, Public Management

Seno Namwandi is one of the pioneers of Intellectual Property (IP) in Namibia. With three years of experience, she currently serves as the youngest director on the board of the Business Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA), the national IP regulatory body. As a board member, she plays a critical role in ensuring BIPA fulfills its fiduciary duty to the government and citizens. Her oversight includes the review of policy, making strategic decisions, and monitoring the financial status. Seno is also employed at the International University of Management (IUM) where she serves as the Director of Innovation and IP. Her role involves supporting research from a perspective of innovation, and establishing and managing the IP generated. Additionally, she consults for companies in drafting IP strategies. Seno has a Masters degree in IP from Africa University, Zimbabwe and other postgraduate certifications in IP. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Her unique combination of qualifications enables a broad understanding of technical fields such as science, commerce, and regulatory issues.  Seno plans to return better equipped to contribute to governance and policy issues in Namibia, especially focusing on transparency, implementation and accountability.