Sepiso Mwange, 31, Windhoek – Rutgers University, Civic Leadership

Sepiso Mwange has over 4 years of experience in the Performing Arts industry, focusing specifically in Applied Theatre/Drama and Education. Currently, Sepiso is a lecturer in the Performing Arts department at the University of Namibia, where she teaches Directing, Acting, Voice and Speech and Theatre for Development. Sepiso holds a Master’s Degree in Political Communication and Applied Theatre and Drama Studies from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where she focused on how to use Drama methodologies to teach English as a second language. She is also the founder of W.Y.S (write your story) Arts Workshop, which focuses on using Theatre/Drama to build literacy skills in children in disadvantaged communities. Sepiso is motivated by her belief that a more active collaboration between Theatre/Drama and education will not only inspire children to be active agents in the learning process, but create a platform where children can become authors and producers of authentic Namibian and African plays, literature, and performance work by children, for children. Upon her completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sepiso plans to continue with her work in theatre and education with a focus on creating sustainable community projects and products.