Statement by U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson in Recognition of Human Rights Day

U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson.

Windhoek – In recognition of Human Rights Day on December 10, I want to voice my support for the important principles that this day represents.  Human rights are what give strength to Namibia, the United States, and all other democratic societies that share our values.

As the U.S. Ambassador, I deeply respect the way that fundamental human rights make Namibia strong.  Free and fair democratic elections include every citizen in civic governance.  Your free press gives voice to all Namibians.  Freedoms of expression and assembly empower you to voice your concerns and demand change to address social problems like corruption and gender-based violence.

These are the rights that make our communities and countries strong.  Perhaps most importantly, believing in human rights means believing that every individual person has dignity and deserves respect.

Today, on Human Rights Day, I offer my full support for Namibians, Americans, and all individuals around the world who believe in and work for our fundamental rights.