U.S. Ambassador Randy Berry Visits the Erongo Region

Windhoek – U.S. Ambassador to Namibia Randy Berry traveled to the Erongo Region on April 3-5 to engage with local leaders, U.S. partners, and various communities. During his three-day visit, Ambassador Berry met with George Botshiwe, CEO of Navachab Gold Mine, to view how mining operations support Namibia’s economy. Botshiwe took Ambassador Berry for a ... Read More»

A graduation ceremony with a difference: Celebrating the success of keeping babies HIV-free

Smiling and singing, a group of mothers in the Oshana region are celebrating the graduation of their children. But this is no ordinary graduation. All the mothers are living with HIV, and the graduating children are just 18 months old. By taking their antiretroviral medicine consistently and correctly, the mothers have kept their infants HIV-free ... Read More»

Small High-Tech Freezer Goes Extra Mile to Deliver Vaccines to Namibians

Today is a very special day in Meme Linea Absalom’s life: The 55-year-old Namibian receives her first COVID-19 vaccination at the Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital near the town of Ondangwa. “I just like to feel safe, and the vaccination means that I can be safe,” she explains. The vaccine that she receives came a long way ... Read More»

Remarks by Nicole Miller, Acting USAID Country Representative Launch of MOHSS Website & COVID-19 Social Media Campaign & Journalism Awards

Good morning, I am delighted that we are all gathered here today to witness and celebrate this important event, representing yet another milestone of the continued partnership between the United States and the Government of Namibia in the fight against COVID-19. The United States has committed over US$20 million – or more than N$350 million ... Read More»

Updated Website, Social Media Campaign & Journalism Awards: U.S. Strengthens Health Ministry’s COVID-19 Awareness

Windhoek – The Ministry of Health and Social Services, with support from the United States, launched an updated website and a social media campaign focusing on providing correct information and countering fake news around COVID-19 vaccines and the pandemic. Online and messenger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been identified as powerful influencers ... Read More»

Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires Jessica Long at the milestone achievement of Namibia making the best HIV medicine, Dolutegravir (DTG) available

Congratulations Namibia! I am very proud to be here today because I was invited to speak when the new pediatric HIV medicine was introduced to Namibia just over a year ago, and I have closely watched the progress made since then. The child version of DTG (I understand that we call it “pediatric DTG”) was ... Read More»

FELPT Cohort 6 Frontline Graduation Remarks by Dr. Brian Baker, CDC Namibia Country Director

Good morning, As many of know, the Field Epidemiology Training Program was modelled after a training approach created at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 50 years ago, known as the Epidemic Intelligence Service, or EIS. The impetus for the EIS program was to meet the ever growing and changing needs ... Read More»

Who Will You Trust About Vaccines? By Chargé d’Affaires Jessica Long

Windhoek – The United States Government (USG) has been a partner in health with the Namibian Government for nearly two decades.  We have been incredibly successful in our joint efforts related to HIV and TB.  These efforts have revealed our commitment and reliability on issues of health.  Fifteen years ago, people in Namibia were dying every day from HIV/AIDS. Families ... Read More»

Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires Jess Long on World AIDS Day

It is an honour to be with you today to commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day. The focus of our partnership with the Namibian government remains on ‘Ending the HIV epidemic, working on Equitable access and Hearing everyone’s voice’ which is also the United States government’s theme for this year’s World AIDS Day. As President ... Read More»

Namibia Receives US$90.4 million for HIV Programming from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Windhoek – Today, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jess Long announced that the United States will contribute US$90.4 million in 2022 towards Namibia’s fight against AIDS through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). This is an increase from US$89 million contributed in 2021. The US$90.4 million will intensify the country’s efforts to reach epidemic control ... Read More»

Understanding COVID Outbreaks in Namibian Schools

Keeping Learners in School in Namibia: An Outbreak Investigation of COVID-19 in Schools Children across the world have missed out on months of schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Namibia, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) ended the second term early and introduced a winter break when a third wave of the COVID-19 ... Read More»

U.S. Government Donates Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 Health Care Workers

Windhoek – The U.S. government donated medical personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies worth N$4 million (US$294,000) to the Ministry of Health and Social Services.  The equipment has been distributed to frontline COVID-19 health care workers in health facilities all over the country over the past four weeks. The equipment includes 140,000 surgical masks, more than 25,000 ... Read More»

U.S. Government Donates Equipment To Erongo Health Directorate To Bolster COVID-19 Response

Windhoek – The U.S. Government has donated 70 blood pressure machines and 41 patient monitors to the Erongo region health directorate to support the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation is in addition to the N$100 million of COVID-19 assistance for Namibia from the U.S. Government, which the U.S. Embassy announced in April ... Read More»

United States Supports Access To HIV Prevention, Care And Treatment Services For Correctional Service Inmates

Windhoek – To continue increasing access to HIV services for all people in Namibia, the U.S. Embassy in Namibia has supported the opening of two HIV testing facilities in cooperation with the Namibian Correctional Service. Working through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Namibia (CDC Namibia) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health ... Read More»

High Level Visit to U.S.-Funded Project: Head of UNAIDS Meets DREAMS Girls

Windhoek – The Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), Winnie Byanyima, recently visited beneficiaries of the U.S.-funded DREAMS project in Namibia. DREAMS stands for Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe and helps empower adolescent girls and young women and protect them from contracting HIV. Together with U.S. ... Read More»

U.S. Donates Laboratory Equipment to Test for COVID-19

Windhoek –The U.S. Government has donated laboratory equipment to support the Ministry of Health and Social Services in its ongoing efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. The high-tech equipment, valued at US$422,000 (approx.N$6.2mil), consists of 30 centrifuges, 15 vortex mixers, 12 biosafety cabinets, 10 refrigerators and 10 freezers. The equipment will be distributed throughout Namibia ... Read More»

Statement by U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson in Recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8

Windhoek – Each year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day.  This year, I am taking this opportunity to encourage women in Namibia, especially those who are HIV-positive, to get screened for cervical cancer. Every woman who has ever been sexually active should be screened regularly starting at the age of 20, every three ... Read More»

Research guides convenient and cost-effective long-term HIV care in Namibia

Credit: CDC Namibia January is often a time when people review their budgets, both personally and professionally. For government bodies, the financial year is drawing to a close, and the operation of the last couple of months of the fiscal year are impacted by the pressures and stressors of the year, and how well the ... Read More»

U.S. Extends Funding for COVID Data Analysts and Public Health Specialists at MOHSS

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Namibia, the U.S. Embassy also continues to provide support to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to respond to the challenges of COVID-19. Many people in Namibia travelled within and outside the country over the festive season.  It is important to understand how and ... Read More»

United States Hands Over Three New Vehicles to the Namibia Institute of Pathology

Windhoek – The U.S. Embassy has handed over three Toyota Hilux Double Cab vehicles to the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP), allowing the NIP to ensure quality HIV testing at regional laboratories. The value of the vehicles is N$1,716,000 (N$572,000 per vehicle). Quality assurance visits verify that testing conducted in all NIP laboratories across the country ... Read More»

Remarks by the U.S. Ambassador to Namibia at the World AIDS Day Commemoration

This year’s World AIDS day theme is “Global solidarity, shared responsibility.” For over 15 years, the United States and Namibia have been partners in health. The result of our partnership is that Namibia is a global leader in the fight against HIV! Together with Namibia, we share a common interest in reaching and sustaining epidemic ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Supports 24 New Jobs at the Ministry of Health for COVID-19 Fight

The American Embassy is supporting 24 new public health jobs at the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) to continue the fight on COVID-19. The new temporary employees, who started in October, have been hired for three months and work in seven regions to help keep the gains made in reducing COVID-19 transmission in ... Read More»

Remarks by the U.S. Ambassador to Namibia at the launch of two Ministry of Health reports

“Determining the Cost of Providing HIV Care and Treatment, Including the Achievement of Viral Suppression, to Patients at Antiretroviral Therapy Sites in Namibia” and “Assessment of Community Adherence Club Implementation in Namibia’s HIV Programme, July 2020” Good afternoon! The United States Government, through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), has been in Namibia since ... Read More»

Remarks by the CDC Country Director at the launch of the Roadmap for the Elimination of MTCT and Congenital Syphilis

Dr Eric Dziuban, “All you need is a plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination”, by Earl Nightingale. This quote is by an American motivational speaker and radio personality. While it was written many years ago, it is perfect for today. We had the plan, we have the roadmap, and ... Read More»

America donates face shields and swabs to support Namibia’s fight against COVID-19

Windhoek – The U.S. Embassy in Namibia has donated 11,000 face shields and 3,000 nasal testing swabs packaged with specimen transport media tubes to the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Namibia Institute of Pathology. The donation is part of the N$100 million donation to fight COVID-19 that was announced by the U.S. Embassy ... Read More»

Namibia Tracking Down Last HIV Hotspots with Four New Cars from U.S. Embassy

Windhoek – As part of the effort to expand HIV services in Namibia, the U.S. Embassy in Namibia has provided two Toyota Hiluxes and two Toyota Land Cruisers to NGO partner Development Aid from People to People (DAPP Namibia). DAPP Namibia, a local NGO that partners with the U.S. Embassy’s PEPFAR program and the Ministry of ... Read More»

U.S. Ambassador announces US$89 million for HIV prevention, care, and treatment in 2021 from the PEPFAR

Windhoek – U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson announced that the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) will contribute $89 million U.S. dollars to Namibia in 2021 to fight HIV. The funding amount is an increase from $81 million USD that the PEPFAR program provided in 2020. The $89 million USD will move U.S.-Namibian efforts ... Read More»

America Strengthens Healthcare Services in Namibia

The U.S. government is supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Services to hire 67 data clerks for a one-month period during the month of September.  By increasing the Ministry’s capacity to analyse disease trends and patterns, Namibia is better able to understand and respond to healthcare needs of the population. These data clerks will ... Read More»

Namibia and America will Overcome COVID-19 Together

U.S. Ambassador to Namibia Lisa A. Johnson As U.S. Ambassador to Namibia, my priority has always been partnering with Namibia to improve the health of Namibians. The United States’ decades long investment in PEPFAR, in partnership with the Namibian government, has helped to save a generation of Namibians from HIV. Today, we are threatened by ... Read More»

Ambassador Lisa Johnson’s Announcement of N$100 Million to Support Namibia’s COVID-19 Response

I am proud to announce that the United States is providing N$100 million in assistance to Namibia to fight COVID-19. As U.S. Ambassador, my priority has always been partnering with Namibia to improve the health of Namibians. This is a partnership that works and it is helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Namibia. ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Donates Ambulances, Medical Equipment for COVID-19 Response

March 19, 2020 – Today, U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson handed over to the Ministry of Health and Social Services three ambulances, hospital beds, and other medical equipment to help Namibia in the fight against COVID-19. Ambassador Johnson joined Health Ministry Executive Director Ben Nangombe as the ambulances and equipment were offloaded from shipping containers at ... Read More»

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson at the PEPFAR COP 20 Stakeholder meeting

Good morning and thank you all for attending the PEPFAR stakeholders’ meeting to kick off this year’s COP planning season. The United States is the single largest donor to Namibia’s fight against HIV, and we do not intend to stop now! We are excited to begin the planning process for COP20, which will provide PEPFAR ... Read More»

Ambassador Lisa Johnson visits Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment sites in Oshakati and Onandjokwe

On January 23, U.S. Ambassador Johnson joined the Ministry of Health and Social Services at Oshakati and Onandjokwe Hospitals to learn more about why cervical cancer screening is so important for all women who are sexually active, and particularly women who are HIV positive. “Cervical cancer is a health risk that is preventable, unlike other ... Read More»

U.S. Supports Namibia’s Fight Against HIV/AIDS with Expanded Voluntary Circumcision Program

Windhoek – U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson launched the new PEPFAR-funded voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) program “SAFE VMMC” in Namibia.  The up to five-year, US$33.5 million program is led by USAID and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.  Through the VMMC program, implementer Abt Associates will expand voluntary medical male circumcision services to reach ... Read More»

Health Ministry and U.S. Ambassador introduce most advanced HIV treatment to Namibia

On 1 October, 2019, the Executive Director from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, and U.S. Ambassador to Namibia, Lisa Johnson, marked the introduction of the most advanced HIV treatment currently available, Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir (TLD), to Namibia. The Executive Director and the Ambassador visited Nathaniel Maxwilili Clinic in Windhoek. During the clinic visit ... Read More»

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson at the launch of the Namibia National ART Guidelines

Launch for the National Guidelines for Antiretroviral Therapy, the Paediatric and Adolescents ART Package, and the CBART Evaluation report Today is an exciting day. These new guidelines are making important changes in the way HIV positive patients will receive care and treatment. We also are launching several documents to support the Pediatric and Adolescents HIV ... Read More»

U.S. Government Donates Warehouse Equipment Worth N$500,000 to Medical Depots in Oshakati and Rundu

Oshakati – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) handed over warehouse equipment valued at N$500,000 to the Multi-Regional Medical Depots of Oshakati and Rundu on 25 July 2019. Each warehouse received half of the equipment consisting of items such as semi-electric stackers, heavy-duty mobile platforms, and safety gear. The items that are funded ... Read More»

DREAMS Educational Empowerment Program Starts at 16 Schools in Oshikoto Region

Oniipa – As part of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) together with the Namibian Government launched the DREAMS STEM Educational Empowerment Program for 16 schools in the Oshikoto Region at Hans Daniel Namuhuja Secondary School on 05 June 2019. DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, ... Read More»

U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson remarks at the PEPFAR Media Information Session

Thank you for attending this important media briefing today.  I appreciate your interest in this life-saving work that the United States government undertakes jointly with the Namibian government. The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) was enacted on May 27, 2003, and began its work in Namibia in 2005.Our commitment remains unwavering. ... Read More»

World AIDS Day Commemoration

For 30 years we have marked World AIDS Day.  On this day we reflect on the impact HIV/AIDS has had on the lives of millions of people around the world.  This day also is a solemn reminder of the many lives lost to HIV/AIDS.  Today in Namibia, however, we have cause for hope and also ... Read More»

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson at the handover of the Akutsima CBART site

Thank you for inviting me here today. I, too, come from a small town, so it is special for me to have the opportunity to visit places such as Akutsima. While quite different from my home town, what is the same is the sense of community. I am telling you this because I want you ... Read More»

United States and Namibia Celebrate Success in Fight against Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Windhoek – On 19 March 2018, the United States Ambassador Lisa Johnson, together with representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, celebrated the successful treatment of three young patients suffering from extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) at the Katutura Intermediate Hospital’s TB Clinic in the capital. The cured patients are part of a group ... Read More»

Launch of the District Health Information System Version 2

Remarks of U.S. Ambassador Thomas F. Daughton at the Launch of the District Health Information System Version 2  Good morning!  I have said it before and I will say it again: Namibia’s response to the HIV epidemic is data-driven and always has been.  Today we get another opportunity to see proof of that statement with the ... Read More»

Useful Information on Malaria when travelling to Northern and Eastern parts of Namibia

Travelers are reminded that if travelling to the northern or eastern parts of Namibia, to please contact your health care provider to inquire about malaria prophylaxis at least one week before your travel. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, all regions are experiencing an increase of malaria cases. The Oshikoto Region has ... Read More»

20th HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Thomas F. Daughton 20th HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign at NUST Namibia University for Science and Technology Good morning! It is a real pleasure for me to be here today to join you for the 20th HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign. The Namibia University of Science and Technology is at the forefront of shaping the ... Read More»
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