PEPFAR Invests N$840 Million in New USAID Program to Provide Health Services to Vulnerable Children, Adolescents, and Youth

Windhoek – The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) will invest approximately N$840 million (US$45 million) in providing health and social services to vulnerable children, adolescents, and youth in Namibia.  This was announced by the PEPFAR Namibia Deputy Principal for USAID, Ms. Tamara Cox, who is currently visiting the Land of the Brave. ... Read More»

U.S.-funded DREAMS Program Breaks Down Barriers

How young women in Katima Mulilo succeed in the field of woodwork  Namibia has one of the youngest and fastest-growing populations in southern Africa, but more than 40 percent of Namibia’s youth are unemployed – nearly three times as many as the global average – and according to the National Planning Commission of Namibia, this ... Read More»

Translating DREAMS into Practice

Monika was born 24 years ago in the Okahala village in the northern Omusati region of Namibia, as one of seven children, where she grew up with her father as well as with her grandparents. In 2018, she had to drop out of school at grade 9 when they refused to pay the school fees ... Read More»

Counting Chickens After They Hatch – U.S. Project Helps Young Mother’s DREAMS Come True

Four years ago, Beata Moses reached a crossroads. With a Grade-10 high school certificate and unemployed, the 20-year-old found herself trying to navigate the demands of being a young, single mother. She and the father of little Tulela had split up during pregnancy, and he provided neither emotional nor financial support for the baby girl. ... Read More»

U.S. Government-Funded DREAMS Program Hands Over 100 Tablets to Ministry of Education-Oshikoto Regional Directorate

Ondangwa – The U.S. Government funded Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) program handed over 100 tablets to the Regional Director of Education in the Oshikoto Region on December 9, 2022. The tablets are earmarked for 100 students who are DREAMS participants from various schools in the Oshikoto Region. This donation comes ... Read More»

Family Receives Birth Certificates Thanks to U.S. Government-Funded Civil Registration Campaign

It is yet another scorching hot day in Eenhana, the capital of northern Namibia’s Ohangwena Region. Dozens of people are convened under the cover of a tree for respite. Like many others present, the Hafunda family travelled 25 kilometres to Eenhana from their home in Oshikonda Village with one goal in mind – to finally ... Read More»

New Labor Market Assessment Guides Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Young Women

Windhoek – The U.S. Government-funded DREAMS program and the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service launched a Labor Market Assessment Report which identifies economic growth sectors, occupational and entrepreneurship opportunities for adolescent girls and young women in Namibia. The Labor Market Assessment Report is critical to chart an economic pathway for young women. The assessment ... Read More»

U.S. Funded Project Helps HIV-Positive Families Live Decent Lives

Ndahafa is one of approximately 8,000 Namibian children living with HIV. She was diagnosed with the virus at the age of four, and since then, has been taking HIV medicine known as ART (antiretroviral therapy) at Eudafano Clinic, which is located five kilometers away from her homestead at Omatunda Village in the Ohangwena Region. A ... Read More»

U.S. Donates Sports Equipment through Program to Prevent HIV, Sexual Violence Among Boys

Windhoek – The U.S. Government-funded Namibia Adherence and Retention Project (NARP) donated 100 footballs, 24 whistles, two goal nets, two stop watches and 20 chess boards to Learners of the Moses van der Byl Primary School in Katutura, Windhoek, and seven other Khomas schools. This is one of seven donations to six Regional Education Offices country-wide in ... Read More»

No-Means-No Instructors Train Young Women to Protect Themselves Against GBV

Windhoek – The U.S. government-funded DREAMS Program has recently certified 23 young Namibian women as No-Means-No instructors to train adolescent girls in techniques to protect themselves against gender-based violence (GBV). The training strengthens self-esteem in young women and includes exercises in self-defense. “The No-Means-No instructors will play a pivotal role in addressing violence against children and gender-based ... Read More»

U.S. Project Helps Namibian Children in Need

It is not a hot day, but the sun is striking a bright reflection from the white sandy soils of the village at the outskirts of Oshakati, a town in northern Namibia. Standing by her mother, almost leaning over her lap, is her little daughter. The girl’s feet are pale white from the dust she ... Read More»

Young Women Launch Face Mask Tailoring Business through U.S. DREAMS Program

Windhoek, July 14 – Seven young women are launching their own tailoring business with the support of the U.S. government-funded DREAMS project. Today, the seven entrepreneurs delivered 300 face masks to Project Hope for use in Safe Spaces around Windhoek. Safe Spaces are locations at schools or in the community where adolescent girls and young ... Read More»
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