Ambassador Lisa Johnson’s Announcement of N$100 Million to Support Namibia’s COVID-19 Response

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Honorable Dr Kalumbi Shangula, receives the N$100 million from U.S. Ambassador to Namibia, Lisa Johnson. This donation will be used in the fight against COVID-19.

I am proud to announce that the United States is providing N$100 million in assistance to Namibia to fight COVID-19. As U.S. Ambassador, my priority has always been partnering with Namibia to improve the health of Namibians.

This is a partnership that works and it is helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Namibia.

This N$100 million of assistance will help in several ways.

  • It will strengthen Namibia’s lab testing capabilities
  • It will invest in local communities and their ability to fight COVID-19.
  • It will improve Namibia’s emergency responses to epidemics.
  • And it will continue providing American medical and technical expertise to the Namibian government’s response.

Some of this assistance has already benefited Namibia. We have donated ambulances and supplies for isolation units. Our American medical experts have supported the Namibian response to COVID-19 from day one.

And today we are handing over additional PPE for medical workers. We will coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Social Services on the delivery of more PPE, health care worker training, and laboratory upgrades.

This has been a big week of donations in support of Namibia’s fight against COVID-19. I’d like to recognize all the governments, international organizations, and private sector companies that have offered Namibia support. We’re all in this together.

The United States is demonstrating global leadership in the face of COVID-19 and has committed more than $775 million USD in international assistance to combatting the pandemic globally.

This N$100 million for Namibia is part of our All-of-Government approach to fighting COVID-19 and includes assistance from USAID, CDC, PEPFAR, and the Department of Defense.

This COVID-19 assistance builds on our commitment to the health of Namibians that began decades ago. We are fighting HIV though PEPFAR, and we are fighting drought-associated hunger through our food assistance.

No other nation in the world has contributed more to Namibia and to the health of Namibians than the United States.

We are committing this N$100 million so we can win the COVID-19 fight, just as we are winning against HIV/AIDS. Working together, Namibia and America will overcome COVID-19.

Fact Sheet (PDF 103 KB)