Required Documents

Passport Services

The US Embassy in Windhoek issues passports to American citizens applying for the first time, renewing an expired/expiring passport, or applying for a replacement for a lost or stolen passport. Passport applications are normally processed within ten working days. In cases of genuine emergency, an three-month, limited-validity passport can often be issued on the same day the application is approved.
How do I apply for a U.S. passport?

There are several types of passport application forms. The one you use will depend on the type of application being made.

The form DS-11 should be used for first-passport applications of adults, minors (ages 16 and under), and replacement of Lost/Stolen passports.

The form DS-82 may be used for the renewal of adult passports,  extension of validity for limited validity passports, or correction of a printing error.  Applicants requesting a change within one year after issuance of a passport will apply for a replacement passport using the form DS-5504.

In order to use the DS-82 application form, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You must have been issued a US passport in your name within the past 12 years; and
  • You must submit your most recent US passport with your application; and
  • You must have been age 16 or older when your most recent US passport was issued.

In addition to the completed passport application form, you will be required to submit:

  • Two photographs measuring 2″ x 2″ (5cm x 5cm).
  • Proof of your identity.
  • Proof of your US citizenship.
  • A passport application fee (see Service Fees).

Applications that do not meet all of these criteria should be made using the DS-11 form.

How do I apply for a passport for my child?

Parents or legal guardians applying for a minor’s new or renewal passport must submit:

  • A completed form DS-11 [Sign only in front of the Consular Officer]
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship of the child
  • Proof of relationship to the child; for example, certified birth certificate, adoption decree, court order establishing custody, etc.
  • Identification for the parent/guardian
  • Both parents must appear together and sign the application or
  • When only one parent appears that parent should submit primary evidence of sole authority to apply alone, such as a death certificate of the non-appearing parent, or an adoption decree giving sole custody  — or
  • If none of the above documentation is available, the applying parent/guardian should submit Form DS-3053, signed by the non-appearing parent and giving that parents consent to issuance of the passport
  • Each minor (child under age 16) child applying for a first time new, or renewal passport shall appear in person.

Passport Fees

All fees may be paid in US or Namibian dollars in cash (no checks or credit cards).


Passport application forms and instructions can be obtained at the Embassy’s consular section during regular business hours.  Forms are also available at the links above.