U.S. Embassy Celebrates Namibia’s Democratic Traditions through Observation Mission

U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson and U.S. Embassy representatives will celebrate Namibia’s democratic traditions as accredited observers at the polls this Wednesday, November 27.  “Participating in the electoral observation mission is the U.S. Embassy’s way to show support for Namibia’s election and join Namibia in celebrating its commitment to participatory democracy,” said Ambassador Johnson.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia has formally accredited the U.S. Embassy to observe the elections, along with other foreign missions, international organizations, and local organizations.  As in the United States, election observation is an integral part of the electoral process, enhancing transparency and credibility.  The U.S. Embassy was one of several foreign missions and organizations also accredited to observe Namibia’s 2014 elections.

Ambassador Johnson and other accredited observers attended a training session hosted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia on November 20 on the role of electoral observers.  The Ambassador and representatives from the U.S. Embassy will travel throughout Namibia on election day to observe polling stations.  Many will begin the day at 6:00 a.m. when polling stations will conduct a pre-opening check of voting procedures and will be present through poll stations’ closing and posting of results.

“I am grateful that we can play a helpful role in Namibia’s elections,” said Ambassador Johnson.  “As an American coming to a country with a strong democratic history like Namibia, observing an election is always inspiring.”